About the stream

Welcome to my stream. Here, you can expect to find a constant stream of updates about what I'm working on or thinking about, especially around my current interests of creative knowledge tools, software, and writing.

You can think of this website like a less noisy, mini Twitter feed I've created just for myself and my updates on my work and thinking. It's a micro-blog in the truest sense of the word.

Why don't you just use Twitter, then? I hear you asking. I could, but there are a few problems with Twitter. First, Twitter is extremely noisy. There's a million other people vying for your attention next to what I have to say. Twitter is also quite limiting, not just in the character count, but also in that they only let you write in plain text, without any formatting unless you resort to ugly Unicode hacks. Lastly, Twitter is great for "in the moment" discussion in public, but it's not so great as a reference you can link to from the future, and as a historical record of my thinking and work. I wanted a place more purpose-built, more focused, and more permanent for my less permanent thoughts and updates.

The stream is also the first real application I built with my Oak programming language, so building it served as a good testbed and excuse for exercising the language in a real use case and patching in some of the initial bugs and rough edges. At launch, The stream is quite small — only about 500 well-commented lines of Oak code. That seems about right: It's complex enough to be a good test for a fledgling language, but simple enough not to overwhelm it.

The stream is free and open source on GitHub, if you want to check out how it works. But there isn't much to it — all the data lives in a single JSONL file, and there's a light view and model layer on top.