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Having a Twitter presence is like living in the SF Bay Area — great for bootstrapping a network and reputation, but once you have that set, probably not necessary, and fine to move away given all the downsides.

Question to think about, from the Interact retreat:

What are the most likely organizational (institutional), cultural, and IP regimes under which a given kind of invention or innovation is most likely to be created and succeed?

It seems like people in Silicon Valley have assumed that the answer is "a venture-backed company" more than it is the answer in reality. But PC also posits that companies are underrated as a large-scale long-term changemaking instrument because of its unique autonomy, not beholden to few investors but to changeable customers.

I blocked Twitter from my computer and now I have to talk to real humans when I'm bored instead of throwing screenshots into the void for vibes and it's annoying.

Starting to think a research residency role at an applied AI research lab would be an interesting way to structure + continue my work on notational intelligence and knowledge representation. Here are two that stand out:

Nothing like feeling like your stated career ambitions are too ambitious, and then running into someone whose project description is like "yeah, that's one of many points in the infinite parameter space of ideas we're exploring."

The Internet is great.

When you shift your perception of the status quo from "natural language works perfectly" to "natural language has faults" you very quickly start noticing all the different ways language and text fails us, sometimes in grave and fundamental ways.

Text is too sterile. Compared to the range of beauty, the range of emotions, the range of feelings, the range of vibes humans are capable of feeling — drowning in — text barely even registers. Text will become whatever humans were stuck with before we invented ways to communicate in full-fidelity. Our job is to invent it.

oak now has a Homebrew formula!

$ brew tap thesephist/oak
$ brew info oak
thesephist/oak/oak: stable 0.2, HEAD
Expressive, simple, dynamic programming language
/usr/local/Cellar/oak/0.2 (5 files, 5.7MB) *
  Built from source on 2022-06-08 at 03:26:22
License: MIT
==> Dependencies
Build: go
==> Options
	Install HEAD version

The word freesia has been stuck in my head for the last week, but I can't figure out where it came from. It feels like a good name for a project though.

Both my prime joy and deep frustration in research work comes from the fact that I can't simply Google my way out of pressing fundamental questions I face.